Hello! My name is Christina. I'm 24, and I'm from Florida. I love animals and puns.

Here you'll see lots of tv shows, movies, music, and crying over comedians apparently.

Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.

Anonymous said: Aye can you help me? Okay that gifset of Danny and John, what's it from? Just cuz the update desk looks different and I'd love to know what skit it is so I could look it up. But also, how do you get to see all these skits and episodes? I scour the Internet and can never find them.. Do you just own them on DVD? Okay sorry, that's a lot of questions but I'd love to know the answers haha okay love your blog bye

Hi! Yes, I’d love to help! :D

That gifset is from season 3, episode 15. (Christopher Lee was the host and Meatloaf was the musical guest.) Unfortunately it’s really difficult to find sketches online as they tend to get removed as soon as someone uploads them. They are available on DVD though! Thankfully you can find the first five seasons on Amazon. You could also download them. If you use torrents, thepiratebay should have them all. :3

I hope that was helpful! And thank you so much omg.





I want to try those Wonka peel-a-pop things. They look delicious and I can pretend I’m being healthy and eating a banana so win-win

I went and bought some after work.


Yeah they’re not very good. But I was pretending to be healthy. So it’s like win-lose bc now I gotta eat the other 7

Whoa this is actually kinda really cool what I haven’t heard of these

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is on AMC right now so I’m watching it and I completely forgot about that one guy who freaks out because there’s a snake on him while they’re hiding from the t-rex like I’M PRETTY SURE I’D TAKE MY CHANCES WITH THE SNAKE NOT GO FLAILING STRAIGHT INTO THE T-REX’S MOUTH I’M SO MAD WHAT AN INCREDIBLE NINCOMPOOP

Monty Python Live (mostly) — July 20, 2014

I had this customer today who was buying a custom floral memorial cross thing and she said “yeah, I’m putting this in the yard, my dog died yesterday” and that’s really sad so I was like “oh I’m sorry to hear that”

but then I wasn’t thinking and finished it with “that’s rough”