Hello! My name is Christina. I'm 24, and I'm from Florida. I love animals and puns.

Here you'll see lots of tv shows, movies, music, and crying over comedians apparently.

Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


lmao I finally bit the bullet and made an okcupid profile and people are actually looking at my page and now I’m like “no abort mission abORT” because I am an anxious mess I’m going to bed omg

I just checked and I have over 40 posts with pictures of John Belushi in my drafts now omg.

there has been a serious lack of him on tumblr lately, now I can fix that. :D

but now I should get to bed since I have work tomorrow, goodnight friends!

ok I should really go to bed now before I become even more embarrassing lol

goodnight friends

ok guys I’m going to say goodnight and goodbye for now!

I’m going out of town tomorrow to hang out with my family in Louisiana, and I’ll be gone for a little over a week. I’ll miss you all, I hope you have a nice week!