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Hello! My name is Christina. I'm 24, and I'm from Florida. I love animals and puns.

Here you'll see lots of tv shows, movies, music, and crying over comedians apparently.

Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


Samurai Psychiatrist!

goodnight friends <3

  #will I ever stop using this gif    #I doubt it    #look at his little scrunchy nose    #please punch me in the face ugH    #anyway yes I did the thing where I fell asleep in a weird position without realizing it and now my neck hurts    #again    #I'm scheduled to work in the morning but it's a weird middle shift so we'll see if I actually have to go in    #if they end up cutting two of my four last shifts I'm going to laugh so hard    #but since I'm half expecting it I'm sure I'll have to go in    #anyway    #g'night!  

goodnight friends <3

  #long day of work tomorrow    #and I stayed up later than I meant to    #at least the high is only supposed to be 92 degrees    #lol it's sad when that's a good thing isn't it omg    #anyway thank you all for making me feel better ilu    #g'night!  

goodnight friends <3

  #I have to get up early for work tomorrow    #because even though I haven't been given an opening shift in AGES    #suddenly since I put in my two weeks notice they gave me one    #I'm so mad omg like why    #I hate opening so much I always end up with a massive headache from it    #oh well at least it's the last time I'll have to go in there that early    #please let me wake up on time    #g'night!  

goodnight friends <3

  #falling asleep now    #and I have a long day of work tomorrow    #thanks for having fun with me for Bill Murray Day    #g'night!  

I was trying to respond to something but I keep falling asleep instead so I guess I should go to bed

goodnight friends <3

  #but for now Johnny I am squeaking over your response to my post omg thank you    #g'night!  

I have to go to bed since I have work in the morning but

I had such a great night seeing Ghostbusters again! ;w; There were more people this time and everyone was having so much fun, it was a really great feeling. Especially at the end when everyone started clapping.

I can’t put into words how much it means to me that I’ve been able to see this movie on the big screen surrounded by people who love it like I do. I hope I’ll get another opportunity to do so in the future but, if not, I’ll never forget this feeling. <3

  #also can I just say    #I was not ready to see their precious faces that large the first time    #and I was still not prepared the second time    #I couldn't stop smiling    #asdlkjsd    #wow this post is really sappy it's a good thing I'm falling asleep or it would probably be worse    #my life    #Ghostbusters    #GB30    #g'night!  

ok I’m going to finish watching Caddyshack in bed so I can maybe get some sleep

goodnight friends <3

  #'maybe' being the key word    #if I can stop giggliNG    #gdi Bill    #I'm going to sleep until noon probably    #and I blame you    #lol oh well    #g'night!  

I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago ahaha goodnight

  #why does this always happen omg    #hOW MANY TIMES    #g'night!  

goodnight friends <3

  #I'm so drained from being stuck in the heat these past two days    #and hardly being able to sleep because of it last night    #on top of having to sleep in a weird position in my chair to feel the fans    #the a/c is such a relief I could still cry    #I'm literally basking in it it's ridiculous    #g'night!  


okay but this gif


is kind of the most adorable thing??????????????

I made a whole set feel free to spread the cute uwu

  #screeches    #I've never put them all together like this and I now realize why    #I can't handle this    #ok now I'm really going to bed omg    #g'night!