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Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


Samurai Psychiatrist!

seeing Ghostbusters in theaters was everything I dreamed of and more I don’t have words I just


  #my throat hurts from laughing and squeaking    #IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL    #I noticed so many things now that it was remastered and on the big screen    #like all the multicoloured vests and shirts Venkman wears aW    #I'm so glad I'm seeing it again tomorrow    #asdlkjsdf    #it's so much fun    #I couldn't even contain myself    #there were only a handful of other people in there with us but they all laughed at all the right things    #I was so happy    #!!!    #my life    #Ghostbusters    #GB30    #I fell even more in love with it and all of them    #I didn't think that was possible  

I told myself I would stop spending money that I don’t have

but if you know me at all you will know just how intensely and desperately I need this shirt

  #if there is any decency in this world    #please please let me win this auction    #I have zero SNL shirts and this is what I've been waiting for    #this is The One    #[buzzing intensifies]    #I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment here but pleaSE    #I will never take this shirt off omg    #asdlkjsdf    #I really need to stop spending money    #I'm having a problem with that lately that I haven't had in a long time    #retail therapy    #my life  

Birbigs is so precious I love him ohmygod

  #tsjf liveblog    #I saw him live once and then I met him and he's a sweetheart    #asdlkjsdf    #I'M CRYING HE SPILLED THE WATER    #sweet awkward baby    #Mike Birbiglia  

but ugh that auction ended at $512 for that John Belushi autograph I’m upset

  #that is DRASTICALLY cheaper than every other autograph on eBay    #and there was a cute little note he wrote on it    #on the cover of a copy of Briefcase Full Of Blues    #whines    #I'm so fed up with my job and everything    #if they ever gave me decent fucking hours I could have gotten it    #I know it's stupid to be upset about it    #if my dad knew I was more than a little bummed out he would jump on the chance to inform me    #but John is really important to me    #and I have a deep-seated need for little things like autographs that I won't get into    #just    #asdlkjsdf    #grumbles    #my life  



  #ASDLKJSDF    #SCREAMS    #FUCK    #WHAT    #omg    #beautiful    #The Second City    #bless u  

so I found a copy of Briefcase Full Of Blues signed by John on eBay the other night and it was $7. SEVEN DAMN DOLLARS for something John freaking Belushi graced with his words and signature

so I was watching it like a hawk and yesterday it jumped to $26 and I was like “ok fine…” and then this morning it made the miraculous jump to $512 and there’s still just under two days left im

  #I don't know why I even got my hopes up    #I knew it would skyrocket out of my budget almost immediately    #I bet the seller is sitting in their computer chair cackling    #the bastard    #why are you even selling it what is wrong with you    #whoever wins it had better not be some kind of autograph hound    #they had better appreciate what they're getting    #asdlkjsdf    #why    #my life    #of course I'm going to torture myself by continuing to watch it    #eBay  

Eric Idle, making sure listening to Michael plug their O2 Live Show on Simon Mayo’s radio program.

  #queue    #asdlkjsdf    #aw    #lol    #Michael Palin    #Eric Idle    #Monty Python    #I love this so much like they've known each other for so long and you can just see it on Eric's face    #like 'dammit Michael again with the diaries look there it is how long was that two minutes? new record'    #I loVE THEM  
Peter Venkman! :D


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: I don’t really actively ship him with anyone, but I like him with Dana. I think they work well together because she indulges him at times and understands his humour, but she doesn’t put up with his shit.

brotp: RAY.

general opinions: I adore Venkman and it makes me sad that he’s been getting such a bad rap from the fandom lately. Peter is a sarcastic ass, but he also uses that to hide his big dumb heart. I love how he’s the big brother of the group, always teasing the others, especially Ray. (And how they love him for it. The way Ray smiles at him kills me omg.) But if anyone else did the same he’d be furious (don’t get me started on college time headcanons oh no). I love how he just throws himself into situations, improvising and twisting them like a pro to get them out of trouble and protect his friends. And when improvising doesn’t work he gets serious and authoritative (“no we won’t be held responsible”), which I love even more. He’s actually much more protective and caring than he gets credit for. He’s self-absorbed but his friends always come first when it counts, and though he’d never admit it (without whining about it or making little comments like “oh what would they do without me” to save face) he’d do anything for them.

I just.


  #ask    #semiautomaticheart    #character meme    #don't even talk to me about Venkman omfG    #and by that I mean by all means DO    #between Ray and his general RAY-ness and Venkman and his big dumb heart    #I am either the worst or best person to watch Ghostbusters with I can't decide    #asdlkjsdf    #Peter Venkman  
top 5 Les Miserables songs :D

:DDD I wasn’t expecting this, thank you! <3

1. Stars
2. The Confrontation
3. Prologue
4. Bring Him Home
5. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables

oh gosh I actually thought this would be easy, but it really wasn’t.

  #ask    #semiautomaticheart    #about me    #meme    #oh no now I'm really itching to watch my TAC dvd    #asdksd I definitely would if I didn't have work tomorrow    #I miss my babies Philip Quast and Michael Ball    #but mostly Philip    #asdlkjsdf    #it is pathetically easy to bring these feelings bubbling back to the surface omg    #Les Mis  




if i was famous i would just knock on peoples doors and be like hello yes its me

bill murray probably does that

Bill Murray literally does that

John Belushi also did that and then he would make a sandwich and sleep on your couch

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