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Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


Samurai Psychiatrist!
Ugh no that sounds awful D: Aww, noooo! At least you know to remember entertainment for this time if you have to go in. XD But I hope you don’t. <3

Thank you! ;3;<3 But yeah, at least I’ll be somewhat prepared this time. I had no idea what to expect last time, so it’ll be better in that sense.

I knOW I’M LOSIN’ IT MAN. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IS THIS NECESSARY. Like Christmas stuff will literally be out soon I’m gonna cry, it’s earlier and earlier every year whY.
I would be just as delighted to see the pumpkins if the weather would match the decor thANK. XD
the pens are adorable but it’s suCH A TEASE and also they’re bringing all of the negative feelings of working in retail during the holidays way too early. ;3;
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I thought there was like a 6 year limit or something?

I googled it and all the results that say that are talking about New York, I can’t find anything saying that about jury duty in Florida. That should be the rule everywhere though, ugh. ;3;

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Your dad sounds like my brother. He also said he’s not funny (also he hates Kevin Spacey) I can’t

I just. WHAT. NO. HOW?? This is so upsetting to me.

polestarandpyramid replied to your post:my dad just said Bill Murray can’t act lol I was…

waaaat that is madness

Right? I think he’s mostly just trying to get a rise out of me because he definitely laughs a lot at Bill, but ugh.

Forget your dad! He’s crazy! Just think Blues Bros concert!! Only 7 more days!! <3 Foo your pop.

I love you omg I’m so excited thank you for reminding me to focus on that asdlkjsdf

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no that’s good and I’m also hella excited like I have been stalking this movie forever UGH AFEROINA

IKR it looks so fantastic. I flailed everywhere when the trailer was released. ;w; I seriously like deflated completely when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to see it in theaters omg.

It’s selected theatres right now which means usually NYC and LA. I know how you feel cos I want to see Bill and Edward and Jude and Jason. I have no idea when it’ll be playing everywhere and that’s frustrating D:

Apparently it’s going to be playing everywhere on the 14th! I don’t know why they don’t make that more clear, I was so upset over it. ;3; But yes, thank you! <3

omg nO those commenters- I just- mURdER. [I kind of wanted to see that it looks like one of those weird old british movies that come on at 2 am sometimes. I didn’t know Bill Murray was in it] I’m mad about the commenters again oh no [dIE plz]

SAME. Literally I just see red every time someone says anything like that. I don’t even know what I would do if someone said something like that in front of me irl, I would probably give them the worst look and go into a tizzy asdlkjsd it would be bad. (Ohgod or if anyone ever posts something like that in his tag here just. Take cover because it’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN.) I have zero patience for such nonsense I’m sO ANGRY. Like I was considering making an account on the site just to tell them off, but then I saw it was an old article and the comments were apparently over 100 days old well then.

But yes omg it looks like such an excellent movie, I love Wes Anderson’s films so much. I hope you’re able to see it!

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WASN’T IT AMAZING OHMYGOD I AM STILL LAUGHING. How does he continue to top himself every time he goes on Letterman I can’t.
Well done for talking to people though!
Awwr, thank you! <3 It kind of would have been more awkward to not say anything, but I was still proud of myself.
Awww that’s awesome! :D
It was amusing. XD<3 I wasn’t expecting that at all!
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They announce it at the end of the mime’s performance before the main show. It was especially easy to memorize when the other two are consistently disappointing in comparison. (They aren’t bad at all, they’re just. Not Jim.) I’ve been to that show more times than I should probably admit but it’s so great.

dfkjgldfkj these are amazing. And Jim is adorable. XD<3

XDDD<33 JIM IS THE MOST ADORABLE MIME EVER and he’s so hilarious I literally fangirl every time I see him and my family makes fun of me relentlessly, aha.

that mime is hilarious!!!!!

asdlksjd IKR HE’S THE BEST. He has a certain quality about him that I can’t place, that the others don’t have, and it’s great.

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IS THAT THE SAME ONE I VISITED WITH YOU AND THEY HAD PICTURES OF THE CREEPY BEATLE MUGS? (and the dude who got pissed off at me for taking pics of guitars at his dinner table LOL) NEVER FORGET

OMG NEVER FORGET. XDD That was so great. And those fucking Beatles mugs, they were terrifying. lol but no, this was the casino in Tampa!

nO *ugly sobbing* fucking “Yep” and the popped ‘p’ just- then I’ve got Sweet Home Chicago from the soundtrack in my headphones and this brass over the walking bass added to these feels I can’t- oh and now Rawhide is on aRE YOU CONTROLLING MY mUSIC?
I KNOW ASDLKSD -cries a lot- hoW
AHAHA, I might be controlling your music. I think the feels are controlling your music, actually.
Never before, and now this is the second time I’ve wished I was in Florida. wHAT? And tHE b A N D is the coolest thing he ever was in or ever will be in end of story. I am apocalypse levels of jealous right now. /music feels/
omg. XD<3 IT’S A TRAP THOUGH, we have cool stuff occasionally but Florida is the actual worst state. And yes I agree. Once you’re a part of The Blues Brothers Band pretty much everything else will pale in comparison, that’s just the way it works. SO MANY MUSIC FEELS I’m sorry I wish you could go too. ;0;
dYING sEND HELP I yelled and flailed so hard I accidentally my tablet pen. I need to find one of these it’s very important and omg casinos are the best. The last time I was in one I wasn’t really supposed to be there but LOVE. I’m glad it was so fun!
I’M SORRY I CAN’T SEND HELP BECAUSE I DIED TOO. It was just too cool and too much fun like whaT ARE THE ODDS THERE WOULD BE A GHOSTBUSTERS MACHINE ASLDKJS. I thought it would bring me more luck, but oh well. It saved me from leaving with nothing. It is very important though omg you need to play one of these, it’s so great. Casinos are amazing wow I probably shouldn’t have been introduced to the beauty. XD
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OMG that sounds awful ;; At least you got to have a good night to make up for it.
Yus. The night definitely made up for the day. :3
Some people say that about me with that BUT I’m really passionate about SNL. I’ve been a fan for close to 24 years. It goes through cycles of awful and really good. And right now, it’s mediocre. Once Seth Meyers leaves it might imo
Yeah, exactly. Idk I haven’t really paid attention to it in a long time because of that, it’s sad.
The Christmas hysteria is ridiculous. I’ve started to dislike the whole holiday because of the pressure to buy so much stuff.
I agree, ugh. I haven’t started to dislike the whole holiday, but I definitely have my Grinch-like moments. XD
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That’s one of the many problems that has plagued current SNL (and bad writing and sketches that are WAY TOO long. They really need to look back to the past and go to that)

Yuuup. I agree with all of this so hard. I forgot how sad watching current SNL makes me. I’m always afraid to talk about it because someone will think I’m just one of those people who worships the original cast and doesn’t give the new ones a chance just to be ~cool~ but asdlsdf no. It has its moments, but they are few and far between in my opinion and it’s sad. I think they could do a lot better with what they have.

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