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Major Ego part 1 (season 7, episode 8)


This was part of my “Jake Appreciation” video clips. I have those, it’s a thing. But I guess the first one is just as much about Elwood’s reaction as it is about Jake’s ‘car salesman’ ability. Like, holy shit, though, when they’re in the bar at first and he’s all smiling and mimicking their accent [mimicking, not mocking] and just selling it hard to everyone and they buy it. It’s impressive. I just have so much to say about Jake’s salesmanship, just like Elwood’s passive-aggressive attitude.

And when they’re playing and people are throwing shit and no fucks are given I love it. And Jake’s angry poutface I can’t.

Jake appreciation makes me so happy omg. His “car salesman” ability is incredibly impressive. He just flips a switch, just like turning those stage lights on, and suddenly you’re buying a Winnebago you have no use for that suddenly you find yourself very desperately in need of. Or, y’know, agreeing to give your stage to two gentlemen who look very suspiciously not-Country. He could sell sin to saints, and lbr back in Joliet he was running the joint.

[please excuse the bad mobile pictures]

ohgod I really don’t even know where to start with this, it was SO MUCH FUN. I’ve never been able to let loose and scream and dance at a concert before because I’m always afraid to, but I sang to every song and screamed so much my throat is sore and my muscles are sore from dancing and jumping. It was honestly amazing, I’m in awe.

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Aaaand we’re back, after that weirdly long pause, to continue this semi-semiotic analysis of The Blues Brothers and its wonderful sequel with philosophical feelsguest darlingdreamingtree and musical guest Just Shoot Me It Would Hurt Less. The Blues Brothers 2000 is not a bad film by any means, especially for a sequel, unless you don’t like your soul being jazz-danced on by swingin’ cats in sharp suits and a band with sharper axes. In which case, may I suggest a different movie?

Beneath this cut is a swell of emotion. You will see several points blatantly re-stated. This is because if you are prone to strong emotional attachments [occasional or often] to characters, especially where brothers/best friends /actors who play/are brothers/best friends constantly what the hell are you trying to do kill us with your friendship what is this My Little Pony This Is A Very Hard Thing To Get Over. With that reminder, if you suffer the aforementioned condition, especially if you’ve already got BB feels, you may think twice about listening to The Blues Brothers albums while reading. And with that said, on with the show…

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Their new Wayfarers being too big for their little faces, but Curtis would assure them they’d grow into them soon. Even Jake wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off of his face. Curtis would pat them on the back and remind them to play nice with the nuns, because he can’t always be there to prevent them confiscating their things. Elwood would nod, clutching the case for his new shades close to him, and Jake would scowl and scuff his foot at the floor in reluctant agreement. “Now where’d we leave off…” Curtis would smile and launch into whatever song they were playing/practicing this time, probably an Elmore James tune (“I Believe” maybe).

Can you just imagine them during choir practice, though, overpowering all the other kids but being reprimanded for constantly “disrupting” practice because “that’s not how these songs are performed”. Elwood constantly having to elbow Jake to try and stop him from shooting back some remark and getting sent to the Penguin.