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Samurai Psychiatrist!

seriously I’m still laughing so freaking hard over the ticket lady at the theater like

this older woman literally tried to test me about Ghostbusters?

are “fake Ghostbusters girls” a thing???


  #frickign    #and then when I rapid-fire listed the main cast she kind of backed up and looked away    #and moved on to taking my friends' tickets im    #what just happened    #my life    #GB30    #Ghostbusters  

seeing Ghostbusters in theaters was everything I dreamed of and more I don’t have words I just


  #my throat hurts from laughing and squeaking    #IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL    #I noticed so many things now that it was remastered and on the big screen    #like all the multicoloured vests and shirts Venkman wears aW    #I'm so glad I'm seeing it again tomorrow    #asdlkjsdf    #it's so much fun    #I couldn't even contain myself    #there were only a handful of other people in there with us but they all laughed at all the right things    #I was so happy    #!!!    #my life    #Ghostbusters    #GB30    #I fell even more in love with it and all of them    #I didn't think that was possible  

the ticket lady was like “oh Ghostbusters…do you know who’s in this movie?”




the ticket lady was like “oh Ghostbusters…do you know who’s in this movie?”



  #mobile post    #I started rapid fire listing every single person in it    #and she physically backed away    #im    #lol    #my life    #my pictures    #GB30    #Ghostbusters  

ok time to talk about my retail job and the bullshit that’s been going on lol

so for a while now they’ve been making us ask customers for their email addresses. It was annoying at first, but whatever. Then we’re told we have to get a certain percentage of emails. First it was 15%, most recently it was 25%, and now it’s been raised to 30%. I’ve never been able to meet the goals. Admittedly, in the beginning, I wasn’t actually asking everyone. Lately I’ve been actually trying, but I still can’t reach the goal. I don’t know what other people are doing, but customers tell me no constantly. (And my managers don’t seem to believe that I’m trying, which pisses me off.) Again, it was annoying, but whatever.

Recently, however, we’ve been told that our hours are being cut depending on the amount of emails we get. Our hours are being cut as a result of something we have no way of really controlling. Thanks to this I have worked four days the entire month of August. I have worked 16 hours this entire month. I will have been with this company for four years in November, I’ve given them no problems whatsoever and have been nothing but accommodating, and this is how I’m treated.

Yesterday they told me that the email goal is going to be raised to 50% soon. That is completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no way every other person is going to give me their email address. They’ve told me ways to lie and coax customers into giving me their email. They want us to harass customers now. Not to mention the fact that on top of all of this we still have to maintain a quick average speed for check-outs. What the fUCK.

That’s not even the worst of it, no. GET THIS.

I was told that those of us who have maintained a low email capture percentage will be put on a program where we’re given special goals each week for three weeks. If we fail to meet those goals “it could lead to possible termination”. THEY’RE JUST GOING TO FIRE ME BECAUSE CUSTOMERS DON’T WANT TO GIVE ME THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

So, with the way I’ve been scheduled, if they put me on this “program”, I essentially have three days to get people to give me their emails or I’m fired.

Fired. For something out of my control. Sorry I can’t alter free will, I wasn’t aware that was a job requirement. Assholes.

That is why I’ll be quitting.

  #I'm fucking FURIOUS    #flames. flames on the side of my face    #I hope this company goes bankrupt lol I don't care anymore    #I'm done    #do you know how much stress I've had to live with over the years for these people and this is how they thank me    #not to mention I only JUST got raised to $8 an hour    #why am I still anxious about giving them my 2 weeks notice goddammIT    #I don't like confrontation but I also want to tell them to go fuck themselves    #the struggle is real    #I don't even have a backup I'll just have my weekend job    #not like this one is really doing anything for me anyway though    #fuck it    #it's not worth the aggravation    #at all    #my life    #work    #venting  

there is an unbelievable amount of bullshit going down at my retail job

I don’t have the energy to get into it right now but

  #I was furiously texting my mom for the last hour or so of my shift    #and I actually said 'bullshit' in a text when I don't curse in front of my family    #and she was like omg    #and apparently she told my dad and he was like 'shE SAID THAT? Oh man I know she's pissed'    #lol basically    #I wanted to push my register to the floor lol I'm so done    #but I'm about to fall asleep any minute probably    #I'm sure I'll vent about it tomorrow    #my life    #work    #suffice it to say mom told me to either walk out or give my two weeks notice    #I wish I had done either of those things    #soon though  
they finally let me out of jury duty at 5pm and when I got home my free 3D printed bracelet from google was waiting on me lol it’s beautiful

they finally let me out of jury duty at 5pm and when I got home my free 3D printed bracelet from google was waiting on me lol it’s beautiful

  #mobile post    #i'm not really online though    #because i've been falling asleep on and off since like 6:30    #since i had to get up at 5am    #and i was stressed and anxious most of the day    #i'm so tired i'll probably be out by like 9    #but look at my bracelet    #this is why i can't be trusted with things like this    #my life    #my pictures    #team murricane 4 life    #lol  

I keep staring at the judge’s chair in here with the podium and microphone and I wish someone braver than I would just get up and plop into the seat like they belonged there and call order to the ‘court’

  #mobile post    #they didn't say we COULDN'T sit there    #is all I'm saying    #and for some reason the Jimmy Carter 'do you have any Allman Brothers' sketch is stuck in my head    #I'm losing my mind in here lmao    #my life    #jury duty blogging  

I just read like 200 pages of Live From New York without stopping and I think I need to lie down

face first

on the floor

  #for like five hours    #and just think about things    #but I caN'T because I have to sit here doing nothing for 8+ hours    #I'm so immersed in SNL though help    #I had to put the book down finally because it's too much    #rolls around    #my life    #mobile post    #Live From New York    #jury duty blogging    #my ass hURTS    #and my back    #you'd think the government stooges could afford chairs with cushions    #but noooooooo  

can SNL please do a sketch about the video you have to sit and watch at the beginning of jury duty because that is still the most ridiculous and forced thing I’ve ever seen

"yes I feel so priveledged to be a part of this system it’s truly an honor you can tell how happy I am by how my soul has visibly left my body"

  #mobile post    #jury duty blogging    #I forgot just how ridiculous it is    #astonishingly high levels of bullshit detected    #lol get me out of here    #they let a LOT of people go home why not me    #I assure you I am of no use here    #they aren't even calling anyone else until 1pm    #there are three dudes and me in this room and one of them is watching Rouroni Kenshin    #sorry I forgot how to spell it    #I'm so BORED and none of my movies would upload to my iPod    #I suppose that's what I get for doing it at the last minute    #asdkjfs    #my life    #SNL  

I have jury duty tomorrow

  #I'm not really online rn I just came on to fill up my queue and say this    #I'm too exhausted from work and I have to go to bed early anyway    #because I have to report at the courthouse at 8am    #8 AM??    #why does 8am exist    #what happens at 8am    #nothing good    #ugh I feel like I juST went why do I have to go again    #I'm so anxious lol help    #hopefully I don't get lost again    #asdljsdf why    #my life    #g'night guys