Hello! My name is Christina. I'm 24, and I'm from Florida. I love animals and puns.

Here you'll see lots of tv shows, movies, music, and crying over comedians apparently.

Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


I found out this morning that I didn’t get the pet hotel job.

She chose one of the other candidates because they had experience in the pet care industry. Lack of experience is my downfall once again. (I thought if anyone was going to give me a chance to actually gain some experience it would have been her, but I guess not.) Where does one even obtain experience. eBay? Amazon? …The black market?

Whatever, I wasn’t big on the idea of having to be away from my family on every holiday anyway.

can I just reiterate

I am done with the radio today

and this is why I can’t put any Joe Cocker on my iPod for work

goddammit Belushi