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Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


Samurai Psychiatrist!

I’m putting my two-weeks notice in tomorrow and I’m nervous as hELL

  #I keep telling myself to just walk in there and channel John and Bill    #and just take no shit    #but it's so nervewracking    #how do I broach the subject    #I've never done this before    #asdflkjsf why    #mom assured me it's the right thing to do because of what they're doing to me    #and they're just going to fire me anyway if I don't    #but I hate conflict and I'm such a nervous wreck about everything so    #I just have to keep thinking of how much happier I'll be when I'm out of there    #if I include tomorrow and they schedule me for the next two weeks that'll be just three more days I'm guessing    #12 hours lol    #I cAN DO IT    #my life    #work  

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  #I am actually the worst and most pathetic    #why are you all following me lol    #no but I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was young and have also had thyroid issues most of my life    #I've only recently been put on medication for the latter    #so it takes a LOT to get me going    #I just don't have a lot of energy    #and it just really sucks    #so sometimes I need the extra incentive    #even when it is silly and pointless and unrealistic    #I'm aware that it's dumb ok shh don't look at me    #the important thing is I got over the first day hurdle    #I'm mad because I couldn't do nearly as much as I was doing before I fell behind    #but I can feel the muscle mass still there so it shouldn't take me as long this time to get to where I was    #I just need to get it working again    #yes good ok    #my life    #weight loss    #but you know running into Bill Murray is a very real possibility the dude is everywhere    #and if that isn't inspirational idk what is    #lol    #I always feel like I come off as really creepy I promise I'm not I'm really overly respectful asdlksdf  
tv: [playing trailer for A Walk Among the Tombstones]
mom: uh oh there's a new Liam Neeson movie
mom: I don't know it looks really violent
me: I like it when he's violent
mom: what
me: what
  #I didn't mean to say that out loud    #fricK    #I slept until like 1pm today and I feel all fuzzy I shouldn't be saying anything    #lol oops    #I'm glad dad was outside    #my life    #about me    #jfc    #Liam Neeson  

I was at Disney all day yesterday and we rode the PeopleMover so when it went through Space Mountain I started singing Space Oddity really loud and no one joined in it was really disappointing

  #it's really dark in there and when we got out of the tunnel my mom was looking at me like 'really'    #lol it was fun though    #we left here at like 9:30 in the morning and didn't leave Disney until midnight    #we went to Animal Kingdom and then Magic Kingdom    #I hadn't been to Magic Kingdom in ages so I was a little excited aha    #my life  

I have to go to bed since I have work in the morning but

I had such a great night seeing Ghostbusters again! ;w; There were more people this time and everyone was having so much fun, it was a really great feeling. Especially at the end when everyone started clapping.

I can’t put into words how much it means to me that I’ve been able to see this movie on the big screen surrounded by people who love it like I do. I hope I’ll get another opportunity to do so in the future but, if not, I’ll never forget this feeling. <3

  #also can I just say    #I was not ready to see their precious faces that large the first time    #and I was still not prepared the second time    #I couldn't stop smiling    #asdlkjsd    #wow this post is really sappy it's a good thing I'm falling asleep or it would probably be worse    #my life    #Ghostbusters    #GB30    #g'night!  

this couple sat in front of me and the dude was giving the girl attitude for being at the theater so early and I heard him say “I don’t even like Ghostbusters”

wow dUMP HIM

  #mobile post    #I had to move seats omg    #what a jerk    #GB30    #my life  

dad: [condescending tone] “I just don’t know why you feel the need to see it again when you just saw it”

I don’t know why you feel the need to saY THINGS EVER

  #jfc you don't have to understand    #I never go anywhere or do anything    #this is important to me why can't you just leave it alone    #it makes me happy so it should make you happy    #isn't that how father/daughter dynamics are supposed to work    #I wouldn't know lol    #everything I love gets made fun of and called stupid simply because I love it    #oh wELL I'M GOING NOW YOU CAN'T STOP ME    #I'm not really upset because I'm used to this it's just annoying    #I'm still excited    #my life    #mobile post  

kinda really jealous that some people have parents who are excited and want to see Ghostbusters in theaters with them instead of telling them it’s “a huge waste of money” and belittling how important it is to them

but that’s not going to stop me

I’m going to see it a second time tonight


  #I'm so EXCITED    #I'm going alone this time I don't care    #I have to do some things before I leave so bye tumblr    #my life    #GB30    #Ghostbusters    #bustin' makes me feel good    #sorry dad I can't hear you over the sound of the Ecto 1  

ohmygod ok I was absolutely thrilled because I came home from seeing Ghostbusters in theaters to find that AMC was marathoning Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park II so I just finished watching those and was going to go to bed

but now Caddyshack just started

it’s 2am nO DON’T DO THIS TO ME

  #but wow what a night for me    #I love you too AMC    #theSE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THIIIIIINGS    #I'm so tired frick    #my life  

seriously I’m still laughing so freaking hard over the ticket lady at the theater like

this older woman literally tried to test me about Ghostbusters?

are “fake Ghostbusters girls” a thing???


  #frickign    #and then when I rapid-fire listed the main cast she kind of backed up and looked away    #and moved on to taking my friends' tickets im    #what just happened    #my life    #GB30    #Ghostbusters