Hello! My name is Christina. I'm 24, and I'm from Florida. I love animals and puns.

Here you'll see lots of tv shows, movies, music, and crying over comedians apparently.

Aykroyd, Belushi, and Murray appreciation life.


you know what I’m just going to change my okcupid profile

"you should message me if" you are Bill Murray
"you shouldn’t message me if" you’re not Bill Murray

this dude on okcupid messaged me and offhandedly mentioned that he’s never seen The Blues Brothers

and I kind of became a giant exclamation point for a little while

and he just sort of retreated into a one sentence response of “I’ll see it eventually”


so I got a message on okcupid and

I’m laughing so hard I didn’t realize “babycakes” was an actual thing people said in real life

I had a dream last night that the hiatus was over and SNL was back and it was beautiful I was so happy

and then I woke up

I had this customer today who was buying a custom floral memorial cross thing and she said “yeah, I’m putting this in the yard, my dog died yesterday” and that’s really sad so I was like “oh I’m sorry to hear that”

but then I wasn’t thinking and finished it with “that’s rough”